Louie Ablaza’s P-Pop Extravaganza

The Ablazas’ iconic themed parties are back!

They picked up right where they left off before the pandemic and went big for their beloved patriarch and Honorary Consul of Zambia, Louie Ablaza, on his 85th birthday.

The theme? P-pop!

Alex Vergara and Linda Ley.


Consul Agnes Huibonhoa and Consul Michael Ang.


USA Ambassador MaryKay Carlson with husband Aubrey Alexander Carlson.


Joy and Joel Rustia.


Jojo Silvestre and Becky Garcia.


Lilibeth Campos and Marivic Vazquez.


Chris Badiola, Juan Carlo Calma, Mache Torres-Ackerman and David Ackerman.


Nini Licaros, Singapore Ambassador Constance See and Consul General of Monaco Fortune Ledesma.


New Zealand Ambassador Peter Kell and Malaysian Ambassador Abdul Malik Melvin Castelino.


Rupert Jacinto, Marissa Fenton and David Lim.

Together with his gracious wife-slash-Consul of Guatemala Mellie, they gave all of us a warm welcome back to their estate in Alfonso, Cavite, for a lunchtime extravaganza. It was decorated to be every bit as colorful as our culture — thanks to the excellent taste of the creative Jun Jun Ablaza. Everywhere you looked there was a celebration of Pinoy pop culture that just gave you nostalgia!

Pop music through the decades hyped us up all throughout. And it’s never an Ablaza party without going the extra mile — they did that with a jeepney centerpiece supporting a ceiling of draped fabric. On top of it was a high stack of colorful bayongs, with the whole set-up serving as a quirky backdrop for truly memorable party photos. Our lunchtime cocktails were partnered with all-time favorite street food like sorbetes, taho and squid balls.


Amelia Ablaza


Birthday celebrator Louie Ablaza.


CZARINA Ablaza-Syquia and Jun Ablaza.


Nene Leonor, Susan Laudico and Lorna Quisumbing.


Eve Yukimtiao and Jofe Syquia.


Consul Helen Ong, Joanne Rae Ramirez and Yoli Ayson.


Photographs by Agile Zamora for the Daily Tribune
Atty. Rene Puno, Ann Puno, the columnist and BY Ong.

Some Pinoy superheroes even made an appearance for a flash mob performance and grand reveal of the komiks-inspired cake for the celebrator. The Ablaza clan gathered for a photo op in their modern Pinoy couture, which I love. So chic!

At Pinoy parties, no one ever goes home feeling hungry. So from the cocktails and street food, they ushered us in for a lunchtime feast of Filipino fusion curated by one of the family’s favorites, chef Jessie Sincioco. The name speaks for itself. You just know we all were full and happy. Non-stop entertainment served as the best complement to our meal, with live bands and singers, dance numbers and a segment for heartwarming messages from Louie’s grandkids.

All in all, it was a celebration filled with vibrance and love. A blazing comeback for the Ablaza annual parties, for sure. You know me, I’m a night owl, but I wouldn’t miss this party for the world. It was worth getting no sleep for, and I’m truly grateful to the family for having me. I wish them even more blessings to celebrate.

Cheers, Ablazas!