Imee Marcos set aside in authored bill’s photo-op

Senator Imee Marcos was set aside during a photo session following her authored bill approval into law.

This was pointed out by a netizen who goes by the name “Rene” on Facebook.

He said that the president’s own sister, despite being the primary author of the New Agrarian Emancipation bill that was signed into law, was “shunted to the side and even cropped out of the photos”.

Rene’s post was shared by film director Darryl Yap on his Facebook wall. In the caption, he playfully taunted Senator Imee for not being seen in the photo published by a “leading newspaper”.

But the lady senator seems didn’t mind it at all, replying to Yap that what’s important to her is that she and her brother, President Bongbong Marcos, were able to fulfill one of their father’s wishes for the Filipino farmers.