HP Acebedo by Dr. B is now open

Prolonged exposure to screens, either for business or pleasure, may cause bad vision and other ocular concerns. But to the rescue are digital advancements which we have become more dependent, each and every day. Eyesight is a crucial part of health, more than ever before.   

The newly-unveiled HP Acebedo by Dr. B, including a groundbreaking technology that could prove crucial in the public health of Cebu, hopes to alleviate some of the burdens of its citizens through its services for the public.

The original HP Acebedo brand began in 1957, when founder Dr. Herodotus Acebedo established his first medical clinic. Today, the mission continues through granddaughter, Dr. Bianca Acebedo Lopez-Salimbangon, the president and chief operating officer of HP Acebedo Corp. who unfailingly incorporates personalized services to the already-established family enterprise.

The launch was blessed by Monsignor Guillermo Gorre.

In a time for thanksgiving, the doctora expressed gratitude to her parents Mario del Mar Lopez and Dr. Vivian Acebedo-Lopez.

Guests of honor included congresswoman Rachel del Mar, a cousin who represents the north district of Cebu — the location of the newest branch — and congresswoman Janice Salimbangon, an aunt of Dr. Bianca’s husband, Justin Salimbangon. 

Meanwhile, Michael Acebedo Lopez, chairman and chief executive officer of the establishment, emphasized their core mission of selflessness.

“We took our time with the opening to ensure the siblings were on board with our commitment to charity, of giving back,” he explained. 

At the gathering, Dr. Bianca Acebedo Lopez-Salimbangon, a primary eye care practitioner and clinical optometrist, introduced a special video that showcased their newest and mainstay services. These included the Fundus Eye Examination, cycloplegic refraction, dry eye assessment and management, color vision screening, eye pressure test, contact lenses, and eyeglasses dispensing.

They likewise unveiled the AirDoc Retina Scan, a technology unheard of in Cebu. This procedure rapidly captures images of both retinas and analyzes one’s risk for various diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. This serves as a way to equip patients with better medical foresight.

While the AirDoc process gives a general health overview, its recommendations should not take the place of a specialized diagnosis, the Acebedo siblings explained. However, to further assist those most at risk, the team recommends specialists that may help them in the journey to better health.

The HP Acebedo Optical clinic invites the community to experience their personalized and unparalleled service at Streetscape Paseo Saturnino, Maria Luisa Road, promising excellent care and vision solutions.