He makes Dream Destinations come true

Your lifelong dream: To build your secret escape on the mountains, by a lake, or in an island. You know what you want and hire an architect to recreate your vision on a blueprint. Now for the most crucial part, take a deep breath, get ready to sign the papers, and create one of the most important relationships of your life — the one with your builder.

Meet Michael C. Millo, president, and chief operating officer of Mega Mykon Builders, a general contractor and design and build company. Together with Siargao’s man of the hour, Kenneth Shaw of the Siargao Town Center, the duo is rebuilding the island to position it as one of the top ultra-luxurious destinations globally while preserving the “island vibe.”

Michael C. Millo, president and chief operating officer of Mega Mykon Builders.

“I first came to Siargao in 2018 on the invitation of Kenneth to build the STC. The goal is to create a center of commerce on the island and attract popular brands that the Siargaonoans could enjoy while paving the road to Siargao’s rightful position in the destination’s space,” he said. “The ultimate goal, of course, is to provide visitors on the island and the Siargaonoans the basic necessities they need and enhance the domestic economy.”

The partnership of Millo and Shaw provided the island with the perfect synergy, with Shaw’s vision to prepare the island for its future and Millo solving the perennial issue of high construction costs and project delays.

“Kenneth invited me to the island in 2018 to look for ways to lower the construction costs, particularly materials normally sourced from Cebu, Surigao del Sur, and even Manila. Then, there is also the issue of project delays because of expertise and equipment,” Millo added.

Immediately, Millo lowered the cost by streamlining the supply chain layers. Mega Mykon transported construction materials and equipment from Manila by buying directly from suppliers at a discount and a dedicated logistics channel to bring heavy equipment to the island. The result is a significant downfall in construction costs. The investors are happy.

Then, the pandemic and the strict lockdowns hit in March 2020, followed by the December 2021 supertyphoon Odette that almost crippled Siargao island.

Indeed, natural disasters are historically regarded as damage factors that could cause the community high private and social costs. Notwithstanding the incontestable truth of this argument, Millo and Shaw believed disasters do not necessarily lead to a deprivation of opportunities in the affected area.

Because Mega Mykon has already brought in its equipment and construction supplies and established a logistics network to move people, equipment, and supplies, Millo could continue building at the height of pandemic-induced travel restrictions since he also has government projects on the island.

“Our projects were all critical structures for the government. The STC is also considered a vital project because once finished, it would add to the island’s economic development,” Millo said.

But the most significant break for Mega Mykon came after the supertyphoon Odette.

In the aftermath of the typhoon, the only structure left standing in Siargao with very minimal damage was the STC which Mega Mykon designed and built and also served as the “center of hope” for the devastated Siargaonoans, with Shaw and his team distributing food and relief packs for the affected.

“Our emails were almost flooded with inquiries after the typhoon,” Millo narrated. “Resort owners and investors were looking for quality projects, and they saw what we did with the STC as proof that we can build high-quality infrastructures that can withstand natural disasters.

From then on, Mega Mykon is the default construction firm in Siargao when investors want to build high-quality structures and distinctly designed ones that share the details about the owners’ style and not simply follow the latest trends.

Mega Mykon designs projects in Siargao that make the most out of the mountains’ natural beauty of the island while capturing the views of the jagged peaks and lush mangroves and valleys surrounding the island through floor-to-ceiling windows. One of Millo’s projects in Siargao, a P100 million resthouse, offers a scenic view from all the angles of the property. His designs have walls that can capture the natural sounds of nature while allowing the smell of foliage to flow from the outside.

True, Mega Mykon has attracted a big chunk of the ultra-luxurious projects in Siargao, and all construction projects on the island with a minimum cost of P100 million, chances are, Millo’s team is involved.

Siargao Town Center.

Some of his ongoing construction on the island include Siargao Town Center, a mix used commercial building phase at Dapa 2 by Shaw Investments Inc.; Balay Lulita, a luxury private residence at Tawin Tawin; Beach Complex Villas at Libertad; Alaala Villas at Catangnan; Panimalay Villas at Tourism Road GL.; Tago Luxury Place at Malinao, GL; Union Beach House at Dapa; and Beach Villas at Burgos.

It’s very easy to fall in love with Siargao because of its people, their warmth, the food, and the scenery. The island calls out to even the most hardcore city dweller with its rich history, culture, surfing, and fishing activities.

“We want to preserve that island vibe while promoting the beauty of Siargao with our developments here,” Millo said.