Gyud Food: U.P. ’s talk of the town

The new gastronomic hotspot for Iskos and Iskas is the UP talk of the town!

Gyud Food, situated along E. Jacinto Street near the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts, has established itself as a haven for hungry students, families, friends and locals looking for delicious comfort food at any time of day.

Open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., the vibrant Gyud Food Market caters not only to the university’s students and faculty but also to visitors and alumni from the broader community. The food market offers a wide variety of gastronomic pleasures, from bread and pasta to pizzas and rice bowls, spanning both Asian and Western flavors, and has an amazing roster of local concessionaires.

This two-story, open-air building is accompanied with a tranquil garden that is lit up at night with beautiful lights. There are several picnic tables in the garden as well, allowing groups to enjoy lunch al fresco in comfort.

Gyud Food Hub, which stands for “Good Yummy Destination,” was created by Jose Magsaysay Jr., well-known for his success with Potato Corner; and Anton Diaz, the digital artist behind Our Awesome Planet, with the intention of revolutionizing the food industry. This endeavor was born out of Magsaysay’s passion for assisting small companies and his goal of building food centers throughout the Philippines.

Given that two-thirds of the Filipino people live in the Visayas region and that the word “good” in the Visayan language serves as the name of the company, Gyud, it was decided to use this name to elicit feelings of quality and familiarity. Magsaysay said he wanted Gyud Food Hub to be known as the premier eating location in the country.

“I want to make Gyud Food ‘kainan ng bayan,’” he said.

Setting itself apart from traditional malls, the neighborhood food market carefully selects its food stalls, stressing the essence of each vendor’s unique story.

Gyud Food Market caters not only to the university’s students and faculty but also to visitors and alumni from the broader community.

‘Museum of food’

Diaz wants the market to be a “museum of food,” displaying a range of fascinating gastronomic experiences. He is curating the food selection to reflect this ambition.

Beyond being a food court, the UP Food Hub serves as a communal gathering space, both indoors and outdoors under the shade of trees.

Magsaysay pointed out, “It’s not just a place where you can eat. It’s for the community. It’s not just a food court, it’s a clubhouse.” With its almost round-the-clock operations, the Gyud Food Hub aims to cater to customers seeking breakfast, lunch, merienda (snacks), dinner and even dessert, ensuring a comprehensive dining experience.

While the second floor of the food hub currently remains vacant, it is slated to become a student-centric services area offering amenities such as photocopying services and bookstores.

The first floor is exclusively dedicated to dining. It is worth noting that despite the fact that certain meals can cost as little as P50 or as much as P350, the food hub offers a wide selection of meals to fit different price ranges.

The Gyud Food Hub hopes to create a welcome environment not only for students but also for families and alumni organizations.

As Father’s Day draws near, it offers a wonderful occasion for family to get together and celebrate.