Feminine Hygiene Guide

Women of today have shown how formidable and tenacious they can be by breaking through barriers — may it be at home or the society.

This relentless path to gender equity has been paved by women who wholeheartedly embrace their individuality day in and out. A lot of self-care and consideration comes with it.

One of the best ways to practice self-care is through good feminine hygiene. Your intimate region or your “femzone” requires delicate and essential care in order to keep your health in tip-top shape — because when you win in health, you win at life.

Here are five things you need to know about feminine hygiene:

Confidence is key

Being able to embrace one’s uniqueness comes down to one crucial factor: confidence. To build that confidence, you must practice taking care of your body and health regularly because when you look and feel good, you become more confident in yourself and more appreciative of your individuality.

Happy ‘femzone’

It wouldn’t hurt to give your “femzone” the occasional wash from time to time. The best way to keep it clean is to use feminine wash such the Lactacyd Feminine Wash, a perfect fit as it has a long-standing history of helping women as early as 1947 in protecting and cleansing the “femzone.”

Learn what you need

Remember that every “femzone” is unique. Methods that might work for others might not work for you. Luckily for women everywhere, there are products that offer a full range of options for every kind of care that your “femzone” might need, whether the need might be having it moisturized or revitalized, naturally and safely whiten, having long-lasting coolness and freshness or keeping irritation and odor away.

Get yourself checked

While home remedies work for the common cold, it will not do when trying to resolve an issue with your “femzone,” like menstrual cramps or dysmenorrhea.

For matters as sensitive as this, the simple hot compress will no longer do.
Over-the-counter medications, such as Hyoscine N-butylbromide + Paracetamol (Buscopan Venus), exist to aid in this situation.

Find your purpose

In owning all the ways you can take proper care of yourself, you learn to appreciate your unique perspective, skills and experiences even more. Use that appreciation to identify your life’s purpose and decide to live it out every day.