Fashion and passion beyond boundaries

SINULID, the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde’s Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Merchandising show, is now back in its full glory and ready to go beyond even more boundaries after being held online and limited for a few years because of the pandemic.

The three-day event held at The Podium Ortigas last week highlighted RTW, couture, menswear, childrenswear, maternity wear and more by the 62 young designers of the college. 

‘Hunyango Collection’ by Kristine Mae Tayo.
Emerging Creative Talent – The Outcast Collection by Benilde Fashion Design and Merchandising student Reinjamin Riodique
Visions of Fantasy Collection by Benilde Fashion Design and Merchandising student Juliana Velasquez

“Each ray of light projected on the runway represented your charisma, how the show was mounted, how it highlighted your uniqueness. Showing up today and have your collections run this runway, it took a lot of courage,” Benilde Fashion Design and Merchandising program chair Andrea Ionica Abrahan-Lim said.

Abrahan-Lim hopes that SINULID will further inspire the upcoming fashion designers to be bolder in bringing their talent to the world. 

Fashion Innovation Award — ‘Fallibility of Memory Collection’ by Kristine Ann Ordoñez.
‘Sinisinta Kita Collection’ by Lolen Joy Aran.

“Let this inspire you to take risks, be different, and be brave to take on the world outside of the college. This is just the beginning. I wish you all the absolute best as you go beyond boundaries,” she said. 

In line with this direction, key faculty members of the FDM Program and the rest of the School of Environment and Design created Benilde’s new Bachelor in Textile Design, the country’s first standalone textile program. The pioneering program is pivotal in reviving the Philippine textile industry while preserving Filipino culture and reinforcing the sense of national identity.  

Design Concept Award — ‘Scoop Me Out Collection’ by Dhenyze Guevara.

In 2020, DAILY TRIBUNE collaborated with DLSU-CSB in helming KaTRIBUng Sinulid — a virtual edition of the fashion program.

Here are the special awardees of this SINULID 2024

Certificate of achievement
(no specific order): 

•Joshua Mario Daryll Chiong (Sa Amoa — Garbo sa Gitago Collection)

•Kristina Marie Mariano (MARAHUYO Collection)

•Karl Lanz Andrei Valera (Bida Collection)

•Kristine Mae Tayo (Hunyango Collection)

•Denise Adrianne De Leon (Unveiling the Mask Collection)

•Ma. Juliana Ysabel Velasquez (Visions of Fantasy Collection)

•Johanna Lean Nagaño (Unbound Collection)

•Lolen Joy Aran (Sinisinta Kita Collection)

•Angelica Nyles Tan (Desiderium Collection)

•Arianne Gwen Valdez ([dare to stare] Collection)

Special awardees

•Design Concept Award — Dhenyze Faith Guevara (Scoop Me Out Collection)

The collection with a strong design acumen and good visual expression with solid research and concept that pushes the fashion design paradigm

 •Emerging Creative Talent — Reinjamin Riodique (The Outcast)

The most prestigious award is given to the designer whose collection is thought-provoking with a vision to explore new concepts and the ability to create a fashion-forward and directional collection.

•Digital Portfolio Award — Maria Ysaballe Esperanza Maralit (Transference Collection)

A contemporary and new perspective of presenting a fashion portfolio that shows an individual and creative point of view from concept building to the development of the collection and the final layout and presentation.

‘MARAHUYO Collection’ by Kristina Marie DG Mariano.

•Fashion Innovation Award – Kristine Ann Ordoñez (Fallibility of Memory Collection)

The collection that provides a new and innovative design that addresses the important issues of sustainability, community and responsible design solutions.

•Surface Design Award — Khatyana Lauren Tongco (Comfort Nostalgia Collection)

Fabric manipulations and techniques that create a distinctive, technical and visual exploration of the creative textile process and provide new and groundbreaking perspectives on established processes.

•Brand Concept Award — Micah Alyanna Gomez (ROAD RULES Collection)

The collection that shows a line up or range plan that showcases the creative designs and strong narrative of a brand and recognizing the value it holds in the fashion market.