‘Eat Bulaga’ earns noontime TV grand slam with No. 1 spot in NUTAM, PHINTAM, RTAM ratings

TAPE Inc.’s revamped “Eat Bulaga” continues to assert dominance in nationwide TV ratings, garnering the top spot in the National Urban Television Audience Measurement (NUTAM), Philippine National Television Audience Measurement (PHINTAM), and Rural Television Audience Measurement (RTAM) ratings on 29 August 2023, according to data from AGB Nielsen Philippines.

With nationwide viewership ratings of 4.28 percent, the GMA show bested other noontime programs such as TV5’s “E.A.T.” (4.12%) and A2Z and GTV’s “It’s Showtime” (2.54%) on NUTAM.

On the same day, Eat Bulaga also held the No. 1 spot in PHINTAM and RTAM ratings.

Eat Bulaga garnered 4.12 percent on PHINTAM, followed by E.A.T. (3.29%) and It’s Showtime (2.48%). For viewership ratings on RTAM, Eat Bulaga continues a significant lead with 3.88 percent while It’s Showtime (2.41%) and E.A.T. (2.08%) lag behind.

“We are happy with the continued support and loyalty of viewers watching ‘Eat Bulaga’ every day. This shows that we are taking steps in the right direction especially as we push for fresher content and more ways to welcome new audiences sa Tahanang Pinakamasaya,” Atty. Maggie Abraham-Garduque, TAPE Inc.’s legal counsel, emphasized.

“We’re very grateful to our hosts, producers, writers, crew, and everyone in the EB family who are part of this, but we’re thankful most of all to our viewers from all around the Philippines,” she added.

Eat Bulaga’s “EB Happy” segment continues to claim the top spot across noontime show segments in both NUTAM and RTAM ratings from the 29 August report.

NUTAM segment rating place “EB Happy” pulls away from the competition with a nearly 2 percent lead at 6.36 percent, followed by another Eat Bulaga segment, “Little Miss Philippines 2023” (4.61%), and by E.A.T.’s “Sugod Bahay” (4.60%).

Meanwhile, “Eat Bulaga” dominates in RTAM segment ratings for noontime TV with “EB Happy” (5.81%), “Little Miss Philippines 2023” (3.83%), “G Sa Gedli” (3.51%), and “Ikaw Ang Pinaka” (2.91%). Completing the top five noontime segments is It’s Showtime’s “Isip Bata” at 2.42%.