Championing ‘Sampaguita’ hospitality

Megaworld Hotels & Resorts is bringing in a Filipino touch to its signature brand of hospitality.

Sampaguita, the Philippines’ national flower, is Megaworld’s new brand symbol in promoting sustainable tourism, hospitality and agriculture — all part of the company’s thrust toward providing a unique and proudly Filipino guest experience.

“Megaworld Hotels & Resorts resonates with the values of the country’s national flower, namely love, honor, dignity and healing. We desire for our brand to stand out and touch the heart of every Filipino, and be the brand that one can be truly proud of. It’s our goal to be the hospitality chain whose story people can relate with because our journey mirrors what every Filipino undergoes, yet comes out stronger from,” Cleofe Albiso, Megaworld Hotels & Resorts managing director said.

SAVOY Hotel Manila.

She added, Sampaguita artworks will greet guests on entrance, with the staff donning the flower’s pins painted with colors of the Philippine flag. Guests will also get a whiff of a specially-concocted sampaguita scent with notes of fresh herbs, eucalyptus and peppermint during their stay.

Exclusive and new dishes infused with sampaguita essence, such as salads, soups, mains and desserts, will be offered at the different Megaworld hotel restaurants and cafes.

Meanwhile, guests who wish to have a soothing, relaxing massage can opt to use sampaguita massage oils in one of the spa’s or room service. They can also choose to end their session with a cup of SaMaRra tea with flavors of sampaguita, mango and tarragon to provide healing from the inside.

Sampaguita, the Philippines’ national flower, is Megaworld’s new brand symbol in promoting sustainable tourism, hospitality and agriculture.

Reviving the Sampaguita industry
Megaworld Hotels & Resorts has partnered with Dwellbeing, a sustainable, private enterprise led by visionary women. It provides jobs to challenged sectors of society by converting used bottles to create organic home cleaning products and scents. Through this, Dwellbeing is able to continue its advocacy of feeding families through “Project Pearls” that provide employment to the deaf and mute in partnership with the Hand and Heart Organization.

Raw materials will be sourced in collaboration with the local government of San Pedro, Laguna, the “Sampaguita Capital of the Philippines.”



HOTEL Lucky Chinatown.




KINGSFORD Hotel Manila.

The sampaguita is part of MEGreen, Megaworld’s company-wide sustainability program that promotes the real estate developer’s commitment to providing patches of land dedicated to the planting of sampaguita in its townships across the country.

Megaworld Hotels & Resorts has launched 18 hotel properties, 12 of which are operational while five more are in the pipeline including Savoy Palawan in San Vicente and Grand Westside Hotel in Parañaque City, poised to be the biggest hotel in the Philippines once it opens.

The existing operational hotels with around 7,700 hotel room keys being managed and operated by the group include Richmonde Hotel Ortigas, Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, Richmonde Hotel Iloilo, Savoy Hotel Newport, Savoy Hotel Boracay, Savoy Hotel Mactan Newtown, Belmont Hotel Manila, Belmont Hotel Boracay, Belmont Hotel Mactan, Kingsford Hotel Manila, Twin Lakes Hotel in Tagaytay and Hotel Lucky Chinatown in Binondo, Manila.