Cellato is world’s most expensive ice cream

Japanese ice cream brand Cellato broke the Guinness record for the most expensive ice cream. Its flagship treat called Byakuya sells at a staggering JP¥873,400 (US$6,696) per serving, according to Guinness.

The ice cream’s inflated price is said to be caused by its ingredients, which feature a rare white truffle grown in Italy, edible gold leaf, Parmigiano Reggiano (natural cheeses), and sake lees. In addition, the ice cream comes with a metal spoon handcrafted by Kazarikanagu Takeuchi.

According to the staff at Cellato who participated in the tasting session, the Cellato ice cream is rich in taste and texture.

“The robust fragrance of white truffle fills your mouth and nose, followed by complex and fruity tastes of Parmigiano Reggiano. Sake lees finishes off the glorious taste experience,” the staff said to Guinness.

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