Cadbury’s ‘Pop Your Heart Out’ goes AI


Find a delectable harmony of chocolate and affection, courtesy of Mondelez Philippines’ chocolate favorite: Cadbury Dairy Milk. Today, the leading chocolate brand unveils a new and exciting “Pop Your Heart Out” campaign.

“Pop Your Heart Out” embodies Cadbury Dairy Milk’s commitment to transforming moments into memories and sentiments into sweet sensations. This year, Cadbury invites lovers, friends and families alike to indulge in a blend of flavors while articulating their deepest emotions.

At the core of the campaign lies an innovative digital experience, seamlessly blending tradition with technology: An artificial intelligence-driven website, where consumers can craft personalized messages of love and admiration. With just a few clicks, Filipinos can embark on a journey of self-expression, culminating in the creation of a unique purple heart image and a poetic ode tailored to the kind of special love they have. All of which can be shared online.

“The campaign transcends the conventional boundaries of gifting, offering a multifaceted approach to showcasing affection,” said Rafael Baradas, Mondelez Philippine senior brand manager for chocolates. “Whether it’s a token of appreciation for a cherished companion or a simple expression of thanks to a loved one, or a declaration of undying love, Cadbury Dairy Milk provides the opportunity and platform upon which emotions and feelings are fully expressed in a personalized, creative and sweet way.”

In the spirit of inclusivity, the brand’s campaign celebrates love in all its forms — from romantic gestures exchanged between partners to acts of kindness extended to friends and family, each interaction becomes an opportunity to revel in the joy of connection.