Barbie honors rich tradition of Lunar New Year

Barbie pays homage to the rich traditions of the Lunar New Year holiday, a festive period that begins with the first new moon and ends with the first full moon of the lunar calendar.

Dressed in a captivating traditional xifu costume, Barbie draws inspiration from the exquisite aesthetics of the Peking Opera, a cultural gem of China frequently showcased during the Lunar New Year and other Chinese celebrations.

“I was inspired by the costumes from the Peking Opera play ‘The Peony Pavilion,’ which is also known as the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ of the East,” designer Joyce Chen says.

Decorated in an elegant robe featuring a vibrant peony pattern on auspicious red fabric, symbolizing good fortune, Barbie’s ensemble is completed with dramatic water sleeves designed for graceful hand movements and expressive gestures on stage.

Additionally, the crown-style headdress is an important accessory. It is “adorned with ruby red jewels, royal golden details, and peonies to match the design of the robe,” Chen adds.

Priced at $55, the 2024 Barbie Lunar New Year Doll has already sold out, reflecting the high demand for this exquisite creation.

There is currently no information available regarding whether Mattel, the maker of Barbie dolls, will produce more in time for the Lunar New Year on 10 February.

(Photos from Mattel / website)