Afternoon tea highlights Sanso’s artworks

Fundacion Sansó, a private and non-profit institution established to promote the legacy and art of Presidential Medal of Merit Awardee Juvenal Sansó, presents “Sansó at The Writers Bar,” a two-month-long Afternoon Tea Program at The Writers Bar of Raffles Hotel Makati.

Ongoing until 6 September, spend an art-filled afternoon with the works of a maestro at one of Makati’s most elegant bars. The Writers Bar will feature vignettes of Sansó’s works, including a pop-up exhibition of an actual Moderno work, Sansó giclees, art plates, posters and books about the artist.

Plate ‘Treasured Memories.’

To complete the experience, guests can enjoy tea with a special menu inspired by Sansó’s art and dine by the light of the artist’s delightful Breton House Series of lamps on each of the tables. The menu has touches of Spanish favorites, such as gazpacho and churro, staying true to Sanso’s heritage. Adding to the experience, the colorful artworks of Sanso are printed on the sweet desserts.

The afternoon tea program curated to be a unique, art-infused experience is an activation of The Last and the Best of Sansó’s Modernos, a collection of the artist’s Moderno Series, which was recently exhibited at the Modern and Contemporary Art Festival (MoCAF) held
28-30 July at the Grand Ballroom, Fairmont Hotel Makati.

Sansó created the Moderno Series, initially inspired by his visits to the country’s breathtaking mountain ranges and sun-kissed valleys, when he set up a studio in Iran in the late 1990s. The Moderno works were exhibited in the mid-2000s to the early 2010s, when Sansó was in his early ‘80s. This series is representative of Sansó’s third wind of creativity, as the intricacy of detail and a near-photographic clarity of lines in the works seem to be in sharp contrast to his advanced age. The Modernos are an attestation of Sanso’s skill as an artist and are symbolic of a culmination of a life in art that is rich and well-lived.

The artist, who was an avid photographer, took many photos of the places he traveled to in Asia, Europe and the Americas. These photographs eventually became sources of inspiration for his Moderno Series. One of the highlights of this pop-up is the Moderno painting. These paintings veer towards sharp and incredibly detailed pictorial realism, in contrast to Sansó’s imagined florals and Brittany scenes of earlier years.

Sansó at The Writer’s Bar” is a prelude to Fundacion Sansó’s participation in MoCAF 2023, and a preview of the pieces to be presented by the Fundacion Sansó Museum Shop, including an exclusive peek at the limited-edition Sansó x Rega Turntable, which is a special collaboration with the UK audio brand. The Museum Shop aims not only to be a retail store, but to be a platform for education, empowerment and art appreciation through its curated products.