Adding value to memorial properties

Like all investments, memorial properties must continue to add value to succeed and thrive by enhancing their services and setting themselves apart from the competition.

As customer preference shifts toward cremation and lower burials, funeral homes compete with e-commerce. In the face of this competition, Golden Haven Memorial Parks successfully implemented various aesthetic upgrades to deliver an exceptional customer experience for Filipino families and investors seeking to purchase memorial properties.

Golden Haven’s upgrades began at its flagship property, Golden Haven Las Piñas, where a pet play area is now under construction. This unique pet-friendly feature sets Golden Haven apart in the memorial property sector, allowing families to enjoy their park visits. At the same time, their beloved pets, some of which may have belonged to their departed loved ones, can romp and play freely.

Meanwhile, Golden Haven Norzagaray’s Aero Columbarium has undergone a vibrant transformation. Collaborating with a talented artist, Golden Haven has infused the dome with striking colors and intricate designs inspired by the park’s ‘jardin tropicale’ theme. This masterpiece seamlessly blends artistry and nature’s beauty, offering a visually stunning tribute to those who have passed on.

Golden Haven Manaoag, renowned for its serene ambiance, has unveiled their latest masterpiece, the Romanesque-style Puerta Real. This architectural marvel, which takes inspiration from the classic landmarks of Ancient Rome, is envisioned to enhance visitors’ and memorial property owners’ overall experience.

Meanwhile, Golden Haven Amadeo now displays a vibrant hand-painted mural at its entrance. Called “Entresuelo de Baracco,” the captivating artwork embodies the park’s loving spirit and warmly welcomes all visitors. Visitors may also indulge in strolls on the park’s newly completed pathwalk that meanders through verdant landscapes.

Additionally, Golden Haven Amadeo’s investors and property buyers will enjoy ease of transactions during park visits when construction of its site office is finally completed.

Still on a roll, Golden Haven Padre Garcia and Golden Haven Liliw now boast artistic and cultural enhancements, completing their gates inspired by Japanese Minimalism and a “Pamana” theme, respectively.

The memorial park developer also shares that the construction of two new bridges at Island Lagoon in Golden Haven Cebu has been completed, adding to the park’s beauty and enhancing visitors’ overall experience.

On the functional side, security and convenience are ensured at Golden Haven San Jose, where construction of a gate and guardhouse is underway. Golden Haven is likewise completing construction work on the gates and guard houses of Golden Haven Koronadal and Golden Haven Bukidnon.

Finally, preparations are underway to commence construction in Golden Haven Puerto and Iligan. Despite being recently launched, these parks rapidly expand their regional presence, fulfilling Golden Haven’s vision of thematic beauty and tranquility.

Even as Golden Haven’s park upgrades are set to exceed expectations, it has more positive revelations: Golden Haven has transitioned over half of all its properties nationwide to solar energy. This eco-friendly initiative highlights the company’s assurance of a sustainable future while providing investors with a valuable asset. Today, park visitors can indulge in the tranquil beauty of Golden Haven properties, knowing that the park operates entirely on clean energy.